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  1. They protect the electronics we are addicted to.

We rely heavily on electronics for everything from communicating with each other and checking the weather to preparing meals and keeping clothes clean. All of these devices, even your home’s LED lights, use electronic circuit boards to operate which can be highly sensitive to power surges.

  1. They’ve got you totally covered.

A whole-house surge protector prevents damage not only to your larger electronics appliances but also to every outlet and electronic device in your home, offering protection for everything from your e-reader to your exercise machine.

  1. They’re inexpensive.

For far less than the cost of one of your major appliances (and many of your smaller ones), you can protect every electronic device in your home. You simply can’t afford to protect your home with a whole house surge protector.

  1. They come highly recommended.

Organizations from the National Fire Protection Association to the Institute for Business and Home Safety recommend surge protectors.

  1. They compliment surge protection power strips.

60-80 percent of power surges start inside your home. While whole house surge protection prevents outside surges from entering through the breaker box, surge strips protect electronics from power fluctuations occurring from within the home.

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