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Happy New Year, from BC HighLight Electric to you! As another chapter of our lives is about to end, it’s that time of year when we reflect on what has gone before and what is yet to take flight. May you take time to reflect upon and acknowledge your accomplishments, your dreams and those who matter most to you in your life.

Today is not just another “today” but the first of the clean pages of a whole year waiting for what we will write into our lives and what greatness we’ll pull from within.

Here’s the thing. No matter how you enter this year, whether you’re running into a bright season, whether you’re limping across the finish line or crawling your way out of a tough calendar, you are enough. If you weren’t to add one title to your name or accolade to your resume, you’re enough. What YOU choose to do with your one wild and precious life is the cherry on top of who you already are. So what is it you’re saying over yourself and this coming year? What words are you writing into those blank pages before you? What big dreams do you have that will be plastered on the vision board of your walls? Maybe even dreams long forgotten, but beginning to seep into your memories, stirring a passion even as you read these words on the screen?

This year, there will be steps to celebrate and moments of fear, moments of tumbling, moments of learning by failure. But in each, I want to be present, I want to rise, bruised, stronger. For you, for me, we will celebrate each stride. I want to allow myself to be me, to reside in grace, and to be happy in where I am and who I am.

And I want that for you too.

Be brilliant. Be you. You are enough.

Happy New Year 2020