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Part P is simply the name for the set of regulations for domestic electricians that relate to electrical safety in domestic properties. If an electrician is registered with a government approved authority such as the NICEIC, this means that the electrician can test and certify his own work. At F.E.S Electrical we are an Approved member of the NICEIC and we have been assessed for our competence each year by going through a rigorous inspection of our recent work.

These regulations are there for the safety and protection of consumers. Electrical work which falls under the scope of Part P must be tested and inspected to clear standards to ensure its safety. Only a Part P electrician can issue certificates if they are registered with the NICEIC etc. Simply attending a course and becoming qualified is not enough, he must then apply for membership with the NICEIC.

Part P was introduced in 2005 to try and reduce the thousands of injuries each year from poor electrical work. this system will only work if customers use it.

So how can you avoid the cowboys?

  • Always ask to see an electricians qualifications.
  • Always ask to see an electricians NICEIC documents.
  • Always ask to see an electricians insurance documents.
  • If possible use a CHAS accredited electrician, this means they have an excellent health and safety record.

F.E.S Electrical technicians always carry copies of the above documents and they are always available for inspection. So if you are looking for a Part P Domestic Electrician make sure you follow these simple rules.

Stay safe.

Source by Simon Greenhalgh

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