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Candles can be a homeowner’s best friend, especially around the holidays. They can add style to a room, create mood lighting, and make a house smell delicious.  They are also useful to have during those emergency power outages and can help you find your way in the dark.  With the introduction of electric candles, candles are increasing in popularity. But what is the difference? Are electric candles safer than traditional ones? Which is better? Maybe our guide to electric candles can help you to decide for yourself!


One drawback to traditional candles is the fire hazard that comes with having an open flame. Knocking over a candle or placing flammable objects too close can have disastrous effects. Between 2007 and 2018, there were over 10,630 started by candles in the home. Although electric candles present much less of a fire hazard, they can still be dangerous. Small children can easily remove the button-sized batteries from the candles and swallow them. It is a good idea to tape over the battery access panel and keep the candles out of reach.


Candles are great for setting mood lighting and traditional ceremonies. In an emergency, candles can be used as a source of light. Traditional candles produce more light than electric ones; however, electric candles still provide a good source of light.

Calming Effect

Both electric and traditional candles can be used as a calming agent using aromatherapy.


Electric candles can be placed on a timer and can be set to turn on automatically.

No Melting

One nice thing about electric candles is that they won’t melt or ever lose their shape. Traditional candles can create a mess when they melt or be rendered useless because of their distorted shape.


Electric candles not only have a variety of fragrances but can also serve as an insect repellent. For people who love candles, but do not love the scent, unscented electric candles are also available.


One advantage of electric candles is that they come in more variety than traditional candles. Another advantage is that electric candles be placed in areas were traditional candles could not because of the fire hazard