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Why Hire a Licensed, Experienced, and Qualified Electrician?

It is common that people seek the cheaper route when it comes to additions to a home or to fix issues inside the home.

Unfortunately, when having that ‘pay less’ mentality, you can jeopardize your home and precious possessions. Sometimes, it can even be a hazard to your health, and worst case scenario, your life!

Some projects around the house can be done easily by going to your local hardware store to pick up the necessary essentials to repairing whatever it may be that needs to be fixed.

Other projects, on the other hand, require skill and an experienced technician to perform the job.

The more dangerous the project, the more you need an expert to fix the problem that you need taken care of.

This holds true for electrical work in the household, as well. In fact, the circuitry in the house is a MAIN cause of large fires that you may have seen frequently in your lifetime.

If you don’t have the proper tools to handle the electrical wires in the house, you put your life at risk, and others at risk, as well.

Tips for Hiring an Electrician

Electrical circuits can be complicated systems that require proper handling. A true professional knows the safety procedures they need to perform when working on your home or office.

You should take great care in hiring a QUALIFIED, licensed, and experienced electrician.

After-all, they are going to be working on the electrical wiring and aspects to electricity in your home.

When hiring an electrician, make sure they are licensed within the area that you live.

Find out what certifications are required by law for an electrician to work for you.

ASK how long they have been working as an electrician?

How long have they been licensed as an electrician?

Are there any specialties that the electrician prefers doing?

Will they be performing the work themselves, or with a partner, or someone else that will be performing the work for them?

If not just the electrician, is their helper or outsourced help qualified to perform the much-needed tasks at hand? Do they have the certifications and experience to perform the job correctly and safely?

Will they need to pull any permits to perform the job?

Will there need to be an inspection by the authorities previous to working on the electric, during the process of working on the job, and when the job is complete?

Do they have any referrals and testimonials for previous work they have performed?

Are they a part of the community in any way? You’re looking for reputation and character. If they volunteer for community projects and/or belong to any civic groups that participates in the betterment of others, then that would be a great benefit in hiring them.

List of Things Electricians Do

Electricians have the responsibility to control the method and means of electricity being consumed in the household.

They work using blueprints and schematics, for knowledge on how the systems are set up.

Here is a brief list of what they work on:

* Testing and maintaining electrical equipment

* Inspect electrical systems

* Repairing malfunctioning outlets

* Installing outlets

* Repairing outlets

* Transformers

* Circuit breakers

* Panel boards

* Internal wiring

* Outside wiring

* Fuses

* Install fixtures, such as a ceiling fan and/or light

* Install phone jacks.

* Install programmable thermostat

* Install Outdoor lighting

* Many more!

How much does it cost to hire a professional electrician?

First thing you need to know is what exactly needs to be done and what job(s) you will be hiring the electrician for.

Get an estimate by a professional that knows what you need.

Find out the industry standards for pricing a job.

Make sure the electrician you hire has competitive pricing.

If they have a good reputation, then chances are, they won’t be gouging you and will give a fair price for the projects(s) that need to be performed.

Remember, electricians are people, too.

Hire a reputable electrician, and you’ll probably have a friend for life.

Source by Christopher S Zak

This blog is made available by BC High Light Electric for educational purposes only to give the reader general information and a general understanding on the specific subject above. The blog should not be used as a substitute for a licensed electrical professional in your city or region. Check with city laws before performing any household project.