Network Infrastructure

Our services (see list to the below) are truly comprehensive, yet affordably low cost so your project budgets are met or beaten. Very helpful to you: when problems come up at odd hours and you need 24 hour emergency work, call us and we’ll be there.

We cover everything for your IT infrastructure service needs, including data server moving. Our clients include small to mid-size to large businesses. With over 7 years of experience we are extremely knowledgeable in all up-to-date technologies, and have successfully gone through all the challenges and problems . We’re experienced and affordably low cost to help company budgets – the best combination for you and your business.

Our company philosophy: understand the work at the granular level, know all the consequences, and execute it expertly, on time and with low cost, affordable pricing. We strive to give you the best low cost prices in the greater Vancouver 

  • Computer Data Cabling
  • Phone Cabling
  • Fiber Optic Cabling
  • Data Center Cabling
  • Cabling for Intercom and Paging
  • Cable Management
  • Cable Removal
  • Rack/Cabinet Installation
  • Server Relocation Service
  • Testing and Certification
  • Troubleshoot and Repair
  • Expansion (Adds)
  • Relocation (Moves)
  • Modification (Changes)
  • Copper Back Bone Extensions
  • AudioVideo Cabling Installations
  • AudioVideo Equipment Mounting
  • Installation of Conference Table Audio Video Boxes
  • Surveillance and Security Systems
  • VOIP -Voice Over Internet Protocol
  • Wireless/Wi-Fi Cabling
  • Fiber T-1 (t1) Circuit Extensions


Best IT Data Server & Server Rack Moving, and Total Office or Server Room Relocation in BC

IT data server moving or relocation is one of our specialized services for large companies to smaller businesses. No project is too big or too small. This is not amateur work. Not anybody can do it. To have a conventional moving company handling your sensitive IT servers will be a huge and costly mistake. So, don’t go to conventional movers. Call us today – the seasoned, experienced local BC team who you can trust.

Here are the facts: you need a professional, experienced local team who is very familiar with all the technical delicacy and requirements of server relocation work. We do server racks, entire server rooms and complete IT data centers or other IT equipment to make your move as smooth and secure as technically and humanly possible.

We continually update our team on server migration protocols and methodology. We are local to the BC focusing our skills on small to large businesses in our area. 


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