Diodes are a straightforward, standard, and effective type of semiconductor device. As an introduction to the diode, you must understand what we mean by “semiconductor.” A semiconductor lies in the middle of electrical conductivity. This means they are less conductive than conductors and more conductive than non-conductors. This is typically achieved by the levels of impurities within them. Using these as a part of circuitry is a widespread and valuable strategy.

What Do They Do?

One of the most common uses for the diode is to convert alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC). Each diode comprises a cathode and an anode, which both connect externally. When AC is being used, energy passes through the diode. In this situation, a positive voltage is applied to the anode, and a negative voltage is applied to the cathode. If the polarity is reversed, the diode will stop the electricity from flowing through, thereby only allowing the current to flow in a single direction.

Types of Diodes

Solid State

In the past, the tube diode was one of electronic devices’ most commonly used diodes. As technology has advanced, this older technology has been replaced with the solid-state diode. This type of diode is much smaller, more break-resistant, and longer lasting. Furthermore, it does not generate the same amount of heat that tubes do and requires no filament and filament power.


The type of diode that almost everybody has experienced firsthand, whether they know it or not, is the LED. LED stands for “Light Emitting Diode”. Like solid-state diodes, current can only pass through an LED whenever the polarity is correct. Whenever current passes through this unique type of diode, light is produced. Because these diodes are tiny and require meager electricity, LEDs are now found in almost all of our small to large electronics.

What Are Diodes and How Do They Work


Tube diodes are one of the first kinds of diodes to be used in electronic devices. This type of diode consists of a vacuum tube containing a filament heater and a separate power source for the filament itself. While some musicians prefer to play on amplifiers that utilize this type of diode, it is not commonly found in today’s electronics.


Because they are present in nearly all of our small to large electronic devices, semiconductor diodes come in all shapes and sizes. Variations such as the Schottky laser, infrared, tunnel, zener, varactor, and others have been developed to solve problems presented by special circuits. Each is highly specialized and designed to be used only in specific devices.
Diodes come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, forms, and functions. Because of their usefulness and versatility, they have become commonplace in nearly every electronic device in our homes, businesses, and other p, places. They are essential to the technology we enjoy every day.

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