Many of us have the wrong idea about vocational careers programs, thinking that they provide people with low-level jobs and do not offer much scope; this is a wrong statement, as around the world, there are hundreds of technical schools and colleges offering thousands of career opportunities for people in various fields.

Vocational education, also known as technical training, only applies to trades such as culinary arts, mechanical technicians, HVAC services, electronics, etc. It plays an important role in developing the economy and has a bright future as it has a constant demand in the labor market.

Below are a few of the most successful vocational careers that have created a spark in the job market.

Most Successful Vocational Careers

Diesel Technician

You may be thinking about the importance of a diesel technician career in the world today, but this field is one of the most successful technical training fields. Just imagine that millions of people around the globe use automobiles and heavy-duty machines such as cranes that run on diesel. These machines need maintenance to function for a more extended period. Diesel Technicians offer such services using their high skills and expert opinions. A diesel technician earns about $18.94 hourly, which can also decrease to $16.45 per hour. The level of ability you have determines the income you generate. Diesel Technician training is offered through online education and on campus.

Electronic Careers

Electronic is another area of study that has seen massive development in recent years, thus giving rise to various electronic careers. Electricity plays a significant role in providing energy for our needs, and this vocational subject enriches students with good mathematical theory, deductive reasoning, and the ability to solve minor and major electrical troubleshooting. The electronic careers you can pursue include electrical engineering, electrician, and electrical technician. Many community colleges and trade schools offer online courses and diploma programs in this field, along with universities offering on-campus bachelor’s in electrical engineering. The average hourly earnings of a professional electrician are $22.32.

Medical Assistant

In the US, the healthcare industry is one of the fastest-growing bodies. Medical assisting is a career that has evolved from this field, and now it’s among the most sought-after professions. Medical Assistants usually carry out clinical administration tasks and help doctors and surgeons. According to a survey, more than 59% of qualified medical assistants typically pursue careers in physicians’ offices. To become a medical assistant, you need to complete a 1-year certificate program, which you can complete online, and then go on to an associate degree program, which takes about 2- years. The average income of a qualified assistant is $28,300.

Most Successful Vocational Careers

Welding Technology

People who choose welding careers are most likely to work in manufacturing industries. According to statistics from the US Department of Labor, 412,300 jobs were held by welders in 2008. This vocational career is gradually losing importance, and you might be wondering what it is doing on this list. Getting formal welding training takes less than a few months and is less costly. A skilled welder can easily earn about $16-$18.

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